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Houston Rockets is one of the most popular NBA franchises. Looking for Houston Rockets live stream? We bet many of you are. Founded initially as San Diego Rockets, Houston Rockets have won two NBA championships. Also, the club has won four Western Conference titles. The Rockets’ last NBA championship came in 1995; nonetheless, the club boasts a huge following.

Got any idea how to follow live streams of the Rockets from the 2020-21 NBA season? Well, the 2020-21 NBA season is set to begin on December 22. So, we don’t have much time left. Here’s all you need to follow live matches from the 2020-21 NBA season.

How to watch Houston Rockets live matches?

Basketball fans willing to watch the live matches of the Rockets can do so using a cable TV subscription or streaming platform. It is very much possible for viewers to watch Houston Rockets live stream without a cable TV connection or online. Usually, the live matches of the two times NBA champions are shown on AT&T SportsNet Southwest. But, it can change depending on the Rockets’ opposition and national interest.

AT&T SportsNet Southwest is a regional sports network and it generally shows most of the Rockets matches from the NBA. So, you can tune on to the network to follow regular-season matches of Houston Rockets from the 2020-21 NBA season.

Do I find AT&T SportsNet SouthWest on Streaming Platforms?

If you want to follow the live matches of the Rockets live online, you have a few streaming platforms. Streaming platforms like AT&T TV Now, YouTube TV, and Hulu with Live TV offer AT&T TV Now.

You can have AT&T TV Now for $50 per month. YouTube will cost you $49 per month. And Hulu with Live TV costs $45 per month. Off these three streaming platforms, Hulu with Live TV offers a week free trial. This means you can watch free basketball for 7 days using Hulu with Live TV.

Use NBA TV to watch NBA matches

NBA TV is one of the most reliable cable TV networks to watch NBA matches. NBATV offers live streaming of multiple regular seasons NBA matches on the week in and out. The best thing about NBA TV is that you can out-of-market NBA matches using NBA TV.

Enjoy Houston Rockets live streams on NBA TV
Enjoy Houston Rockets live streams on NBA TV

But, there’s a chance that NBA TV will face blackout if you’re using to follow in-market-games. If you are within the home region of the Rockets, likely NBA TV will face a blackout. So, how to make way around in-market blackout?

How can I remove local market blackouts from Houston Rockets matches?

NBA might attempt to blackout live streams of Houston Rockets matches because of you being in their home location. To get around local area blackout from Houston Rockets live stream, you can use a VPN service. With a VPN service, you can clone your IP location.

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services available in the market. You can use the service to avoid local area blackout from the Rockets NBA matches. NordVPN will cost you $2.91 per month. Also, you can use the service free of cost for a month’s time.

Options to watch Houston Rockets live stream online

Now you know, you can watch Houston Rockets live stream on TV using AT&T SportsNet Southwest. Also, there are some streaming platforms that offer live programs from that regional cable TV network. FuboTV was the first streaming platform to offer live feeds of  AT&T Sportsnet Southwest.

FuboTV is a great means to follow live NBA matches online. As it carries live feeds of  AT&T Sportsnet Southwest, it will be easier for the Rockets fan to follow the club’s live matches online. You can have a monthly FuboTV subscription for $60 per month. It offers a 7 days free trial period.