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The 75th season of the NBA (National Basketball Association) will begin on 22 December 2020. You can enjoy NBA live stream from the upcoming 2020-21 NBA season both on TV and mobile. The National Basketball Association was founded in 1946 and has become one of the highly decorated competitive sports in the world. 30 teams participated in the competition. Here’s all you need to know to follow the live streams of the NBA on TV and mobile.

Enjoy NBA live streaming on TV

The National Basketball Association is one of the most followed professional sports in the world. Along with the participating country, NBABITE matches are followed live across the globe. And streaming NBA live matches on TV has been the oldest thing to go with. NBA matches are shown live on TV in over 100 countries across continents.

In the United States, i.e. home country, NBA is shown both on national TV and local TV channels. NBA is shown live across the United States on ABC cable, ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT. These cable TV providers of NBA offer different matches on different days. Also, the number of NBA matches shown live on these cable TV channels is different.

TV Channels to Follow NBA live in the US

NBA is greatly followed in the United States. A total of four different cable TV networks offer complete live streaming of NBA in the home country. Viewers in the United States can enjoy 30 regular season NBA games on ABC Sports. The live TV coverage of the NBA on ABC will start on December 25, 2020. You need a paid subscription to ABC Sports.

Enjoy NBA live on NBA TV in the US
Enjoy NBA live stream on NBA TV in the US

Sports cable TV network TNT will air 52 regular-season games in the United States. ESPN and ESPN2 will air multiple regular-season matches. NBA TV is also available in the United States. NBA TV will broadcast 96 regular season matches. So, to follow the most number of NBA matches, viewers in the US need to have an NBA TV subscription.

NBA Worldwide Streaming: NBA International Partners

The US broadcasters of the NBA won’t cut it for foreign locations. Viewers living in foreign countries have to have a subscription to the following cable TV networks to enjoy NBA on TV,

  • Italy – Sky Italia
  • South America – DirecTV
  • Turkey – Saran Holding
  • Russia – NTV Plus
  • Argentina – Cablevision
  • Greece – OTE TV
  • Thailand – TureVisions
  • Canada – NBA TV Canada
  • Philippines – NBA Premium TV
  • Portugal – MEO
  • Ireland & United Kingdom – Sky Sports

Watch NBA live stream on any Device

If you are fed up with the idea of following NBA matches on TV, you have a mobile streaming option to look forward to. Just in case, you have some good money to spare, you can follow the live stream of any competitive NBA match on your mobile phones.

We have a number of authentic streaming platforms to follow the 2020-21 NBA season live on mobile. If you live in the United States, you can follow NBA matches live online on Sling TV. Also, you can opt for the official website of ESPN and NBA TV to watch basketball online.

Can I stream NBA matches online for free?

We have a paid streaming option to follow NBA matches live from home; TV broadcasters and paid streaming services. Likewise, there are some free streaming services that offer free streams of any competitive NBA match online. We have Reddit NBA Streams, NBA Streams, Ripple Stream, Acestream, and Buffstream to enjoy NBA matches online for free.

Off those free streaming platforms, Acestream is video software. So, you have to download Acestream on your streaming device to follow live free streams of NBA matches. With all those free streaming platforms, you get to enjoy HD streams of NBA.